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Connecting Knowledge for that “SubhanAllah!” Moment



Learning Facilitators are passionate about Learning as they are about the dissemination of Knowledge. They are the people who constantly, and at great lengths, acquire Knowledge.


The question now is what significant learning improvements do Learning Facilitators have after they acquire the Knowledge? The answer lies in the type of Knowledge they acquire.


Some people only pick up books and watch videos on their field of expertise. They will even go for courses in their field to obtain certificates and to specialize in their field of knowledge. When they do this, they become a specialist in their field. They explore the depths of their field and be pretty much unaware of everything else in the world.


Then there are people who, apart from specializing in their field, expand their field of knowledge and continue to be excitedly curious of Knowledge in other fields. These are people who explore the Depths AND Lengths of Knowledge. They relate what they just learned to something else which they already know and they become totally amazed by the Learning they get from this combination. These are people who realize that everything is interconnected and to be able to connect different fields of Knowledge together helps them understand their world from multiple points of view.


I am of the opinion that a Learning Facilitator is a propagator of all types of Knowledge. Therefore it is important for the Learning Facilitator to make connections between one branch of Knowledge with another, only because their participants also come from different educational backgrounds and experience. Here are some tips on how a Learning Facilitator can do this:

1. Be totally and continuously curious about everything in your Life because Learning can be acquired from anything and everything.

2. Read books, watch videos, even attend programs that are different from your specialization and the things which you commonly know about.

3. Consciously make learning connections between what you Learn and the things you already know in other subjects. For example, when I was learning NLP, I was continuously relating to what I learned to Islam and Silat.


You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn from other people. So go have that “SubhanAllah!” moment now! 😉